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  • Chimneys
  • Foams and silicones
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Sprays
  • Tools
  • Fasteners
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Over the years PRO INVEST has gained a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner as a direct result of our effort and dedication to quality and professionalism.

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Manufacturing oversees:
  • Flexible double-wall stainless steel pipes
  • Flexible single wall stainless steel pipes
  • Extensible compressed aluminum tubes
  • Double compressed aluminum extendable tubes

In 2016, we started the production of stainless steel and aluminum flexible tubes. PRO INVEST is the first Romanian manufacturer of double-walled stainless steel flexible pipes, an essential factor when it comes to chimney restoration procedures.

Our services
  • Nitrogen pressure
  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Vulcanization 
  • Assembly/disassembly
  • Quick-fix mechanics
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Since 1998 we are an authorized importer and distributor of products of well-known brands such as Michelin and Continental.

For more than 24 years we have been there for our customers!

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Double-wall stainless steel pipes manufacturer

We are the first Romanian manufacturer of flexible double-wall stainless steel pipes. With high corrosion resistance, high flexibility, a 450°C operating temperature, and an extended warranty of up to 10 years, our tubes are the perfect choice for chimney restoration.


Stainless steel pipes manufacturer

Ideal for reconditioning built-in chimneys (especially for gas-fired boilers), ventilation, air conditioning, fluid circulation, or exhaust systems.


Extensible aluminium pipes manufacturer

Due to their high resistance, durability, and elasticity (easy to compress or expand), combined with a high-breaking point and a resistance to external aggressive factors, these pipes can be successfully used in air conditioning, exhaust, dust and light suspensions (ventilation) or for industrial or household hoods.


Double compressed aluminum extesnible pipes manufacturer

One of the major advantages of these aluminum pipes is that storage, exposure and delivery are reduced by half. Additionally, they have a high breaking point, being resilient to other aggressive external factors. Additionally, aluminum pipes are very flexible (can be easily compressed or expanded), are durable and resistant over time.

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We differentiate ourselves through professionalism, generous prices and our 100% customer orientation

The first manufacturer of double wall stainless steel flexible pipes in Romania

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Quality matters. We are keen on delivering the best products on the market

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About us
PRO INVEST has been alongside our customers for 24 years with a wide range of products and services, especially created for our them. For more than two decades we have been evolving, growing and changing our business focus depending on our clients' needs

Our goal is to provide you with all the products that you need at a fair price while meeting quality expectations.
Our products
PRO INVEST has built its reputation as a reliable partner thanks to the high-quality services and products constantly delivered. We differentiate through our dedication to quality — every product in our range is carefully analyzed by our specialists. If you're happy, then we did our job well.
Our mission
Over the years, PRO INVEST has earned a reputation as a reliable partner that constantly delivers quality products and professional services. At the heart of our mission has always been and will be: improving our products and services and most importantly ensuring that we meet the needs of our clients.
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